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Now Available – The Final St. Vrain Master Plan. Go to Master Plan Documents link below to access the document.  
As a key contact point, this website provides a one-stop-shop for information and updates related to the St. Vrain Watershed Master Plan.  Below are some of the most helpful links as well as information about upcoming meetings and information sessions.
To speak directly to a project team member, please call the project hotline: (720.407.4786)
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Boulder County's Comprehensive Creek Planning Initiative Video: Click here to learn more about how master plans will assist in rebuilding efforts by: providing post-flood analysis of flows, facilitating key decisions about creek alignment, identifying projects, and determining how to restore the ecological functions of the creeks.
Why a Plan is being developed for the long-term vision of the St. Vrain
In September 2013, St. Vrain Creek experienced a catastrophic flood event.  While local short-term solutions are being implemented, affected communities recognized the need to conduct long-term planning for the St. Vrain Creek at a watershed scale. Not only is watershed-scale planning important from a risk-reduction perspective, it is necessary in order to incorporate local needs and broader stakeholder interests (recreation, habitat preservation, etc.) into a long-term flood control and stream restoration approach.
For these reasons, various entities along St. Vrain Creek have formed the St. Vrain Creek Coalition (SVCC) in order to initiate a Master Plan for the watershed. The Master Plan will be used to guide the county, municipalities, and individual land owners in identifying and prioritizing stream rehabilitation and restoration projects. The goal of the master planning effort and subsequent project implementation is increased resilience in communities, economies, and river systems within the watershed.  Click here to learn more about the SVCC and to see a schedule of their upcoming meetings.
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To help us collect location specific input for the St. Vrain Watershed Master Plan, please provide a comment on the interactive web map below
To provide comment, open up the web map by clicking on the map image below or by accessing the following URL:
Zoom into your area of interest and once there:
  • click on the edit button
  • click on the Public Comment button (on the left side of the screen)
  • click on the area of interest on the map to submit your comment

A final pop-up dialog will then allow you to add your comment and contact information (if you like).


Please note that all comments are accessible to the general public.  If you would additionally like to share any related documents, pictures, or videos, please send to the project team (

Please contact us with any additional questions, comments, photos, or related documents by phone (720.407.4786) or email  You can also contact the public involvement lead or project manager directly, information below:
Public Involvement Lead
Andrea Meneghel
CDR Associates
Project Manager
Dave Jula, PE, CFM
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.